Distance Friendship

B-day from Google

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for coming to my birthday celebration this evening and I am honored to have all of you to come here to celebrate this important day with me.  Two days before my birthday, my roommate Tao thought it would be a great idea if I made a speech on this occasion.  As you might know, my major is communications. We tend to be the “long-winded” speakers from time to time. So, I asked Tao, ” how  long should I talk?”  Without missing a beat, Tao said to me, ” Mengfei.  It will be the night about you. You can talk as long as you want. But we are leaving at 10pm.” So, I will try to keep this short tonight. I promise we will be out of here before tomorrow morning newspaper arrival.

Once I heard someone saying: The old believe everything. The middle-aged suspect everything and the young know everything. I have to admit that I agree with this saying partially. I think the young  know something, not everything. Just last week, I tried to make the Chinese dumpling at  home. Little did I know, it was harder than writing the dissertation. I still couldn’t believe a young, good-looking Chinese person like me failed at the dumpling-making class.  I bet my mom and dad will laugh so hard once they find out.

Tonight, it is going to be a special night for me. Because it is my Birthday. At the same time, it it’s also the anniversary for my parents. They have been married more than 28 years. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! I would like to say a few things about them. First of all, I am being grateful that my parents supported me all those years while I am studying in the US. While I was little, I was raised and disciplined by my parents’ rules. I longed for the freedom to live  on my own. I always thought about the days my parents let me go and I knew I would be on cloud nine. However, after moving to US. I guess I am wrong. I miss my  parents greatly. I wish they could be here on this special occasion. Thanks to their guidance and relentless nagging, I am able to stand firm when I face obstacles. I am able to tell the right from wrong. Tonight, I realize they didn’t want to give me a hard time. All they were doing with me  during the time of my growth was to prepare me to be a real man later on.

Second, I am being thankful that my friend Bill Smith is here. As a matter of fact, Bill Smith is one of my best friends in US.  Former US President Ronald Reagan used to say : a real friend is someone walks in when rest of the world walks out. I believe Bill is the person who walks in, no matter what happens to me. We have known each other over 10 years. There is so much to share with everyone about our stories. I will never forget the moments he and I met each other in an English Summer Camp in Beijing, China.  He was the English teacher and I was his assistant. I will never forget Bill shared with me his personal testimony  on how God changed his life over the years. He was the believer of Jesus and I had faith in Bill’s stories. I will never forget that Bill drove 8 hours to attend my college graduation in 2011. He was ” my biggest fan” and I was his pride. Over the years, our friendship never  go away. His son, Nathan, always says to his father, ” Dad. You are just like Chinaman ( which is me). You two could put on a play and make everyone laugh.” So, I want to give special thanks to Bill. Thank you for teaching me and pushing me to become a better person.

Lastly, I want to extend my appreciation to the people who are here tonight. Thank you for coming and being here.   That truly means a lot to me when I see all the smiling faces at this moment. I know Regent University doesn’t have a lot of international students here on campus. For those of us who are here, it is unlikely to have so many friends remember our birthdays. People always question me why I chose Regent University for my Master Degree.  Every time, I am confident and proud to tell them there are two reasons. First of all, Regent University is one of the greatest schools in US which is equipped with cutting-edge facilities in teaching Communications. I couldn’t give a second thought on choosing it. Second, Regent University is a Christian school. Since  I came to US for education, the Lord blessed me in many ways. I always had the desire to be part of the Christian school where my faith will be strengthened and challenged.  The minute I graduate from school, I shall be ready to embark on the new journey waiting for me. I was made in the image of the Lord and I am called to be more than a conqueror.

In the end, I would like to say : thank you for your listening and your presence. Please have fun tonight and let’s celebrate this day together!

Mengfei Li


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