What’s the Social Media?

” Yo, please remember to facebook me when you get home.”  Or “what are you talking about?! I just twittered it!” I bet those are the things you hear very often among the public these days. When I was exposed to Facebook or Twitter, Linked-in, the whole time I thought those are the names of the company. Today, if we look carefully and listen carefully, facebook, twitter or myspace are the popular “verbs” people use on the daily basis. Here is the question that we never ask ourselves : what’s the social media? How can the social media just takes over our lives?

Social Media Bomb


According to the survey done by Brown & Fraser Research in 2005, there 579 participants were invited to answer the questions on the functions and the importance of social media in the life of individuality.  After answering the questions by filling out survey, the results were rather surprising. One thing we ought to bear in mind that social media might not be as popular as it is today back in 2005.  Dr. William Brown found out that ” on average, one person did 21 times on the social media sites in a week.  At the same time,  on average, one person talked to 9 people about what they saw on the social media sites in a day.  etc.” By looking at the numbers and reading the survey analysis in depth. It is more obvious to see that people are spending more time on social media sites on the daily basis. Not long ago, one of my college friends just got hired by Twitter. When I asked him how he got hired by the famous company,  his answer was much jaw-dropping. He told me, ” well, I just twittered my stuff every 5 minutes.  The minute I woke up and the moment before going to bed, I always used my phone, PC to twitter about anything I found. One day, I got a call and the next thing you know. I am employed. My job is to twitter about things for the public. I am getting paid to do this.” Just that easy?! Apparently, it is easier to get a job if you are a social media maniac.

The point I am trying to make is the communication channel shifts among humans. Let me ask you this question: when was the last time you talk to someone face-to- face on a very sincere and meaningful topic? I guess you are saying to me ” well, I don’t know. I don’t have time for that. If they need my help. They can find me on Facebook.” Friends, it is okay for put the phone or the PC aside for a second. On one hand, it is true that we need to get ” connected” with the world. We ought to be quick to answer and fast enough to respond through technological innovations, however, we can’t afford to  lose the chances to make friends with people. Or  the last thing we want is to ignore the valuable time with someone we truly care. Very often, I hear people saying to me : I don’t like getting emails when I am in a meeting. or I can’t be away from my phone for 6 seconds, or someone will need me.

We are living in a busy world. It is true that we can be helpful to someone in life. But how much time do we give to ourselves? This summer, two of my professors from school are flying to Italy with their spouses. When I asked them the reasons to go.  ” To simplify my life. We are going to get ” unplugged” with the social media.” I was very touched by their intentions. I can’t even remember when the last I shut off my phone and didn’t plan to see the email for the whole day. Try it and you will notice how much we have been ” controlled or dominated” by the social media. Remember: we are the ones who invented them. Don’t allow them to manipulate us.


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