Who is American?

” Well, you are not an American, let me tell you how we do things here. You need to listen to the native speaker to tell you what to do!” ” Okay, take it easy. All I am trying to do is to have a decent conversation with you. I am not an American. But I am not stupid.” What you saw just now is the conversation happened to me last week at school. And I can promise you that this was the first time for me to have similar conversation. As soon as I walked away from talking to the person, I always ask myself this question: What’s American? Do they just know everything?
Not long ago, we celebrated one of the major holidays in US — Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There is no need for me to go further on the reasons why we ought to celebrate this important holiday. It is Dr. King  who was rooting for the equality between white and black in US. His point was to ask everyone to be united as group. His battle didn’t tell us that equality ought to be for certain days, or limited years. As long as we are living under the same nation, pledging to the same oaths to the strips and stars, there should be equality in this nation. Today, What I am going to talk about the international students and their contribution to this nation.

Whenever I hear someone saying to me, ” You are not an American. Let me tell you how we do things here,” I always tend to tell them : you are right. I am not an American. I might not know everything about US. But I do know how to have a conversation with people without hurting them. Put your arrogance away! Upon this day, if we carefully look around, US has always been the nation filled with people from everyone. Those are the people who are willing to move to US for the greater future of this nation. I want to  say to my friend:
you are American. But do you know


















Simply, I am not showing this numbers to scare anyone. My point is the relationship between US and any other nation is vital and beneficial for everyone.  US is no longer the nation who grows and feeds herself. As a matter of fact, there is no one nation who can stand alone without getting the resources from their alliances.  There is no point to degrade other people who come from other nations. Instead of welcoming us, people put on the hat of the “ego and arrogance” to teach us how to  “be American”. Can I tell you the truth? We never want to be American. We always want to be ourselves. This is who we are.

Second, most of us don’t have the time to check out some of the important figures.  In the state of Virginia,  a small county called “fairfax.” Within this small county, currently, there are over 1500 people from South Korea, either living or studying there. Among them, one-third of the people are working in many important fields, such as hospital, auto industry, navy officers, etc.  1073 people are from India,  16% of them are working in the banking system locally.  716 people are from China, most of them are working in the manufacturing areas . 425 people are from Italy, etc. This is one of the small counties in Virgina. Can you imagine how many international folks living in US as a whole? What’s my point? There are so many people who move here to make changes for the place they love. They are not here to destroy this nation. Instead, they love Virgina. This unique place offers them greater opportunity to make a difference in the life of others. On the opposite side, according to CNN report in 2011, among 308 million US citizens, only 30% of the people have passports. With closer look, in 2009, 65 million people traveled to Canada or Mexico where passports are not required.  Clearly, majority of the US citizens have never had experiences in living abroad. They have no idea how to make a living in a foreign country. So, as my friend said to me, he is America and he knows how to do things right in US. Well, he is missing a word. “only!” He only knows how to do things right here ONLY!”  The world is getting more and more international, people ought to be mindful of all kinds of knowledge. With living abroad or knowing other cultures in-depth, people have better chances to make more friends and acquire better jobs.


So, I would like to tell my friend. You are right. I am not an American. I might not know who to do some of the things here. But US is no longer a nation which can survive on its own. This nation is in need of helps from other nation, and vice versa.  By saying those comments will only hurt yourself, not us. In the end, we are here to help US to become better and stronger. You are right. We don’t possess the green card as we would like to. But we are happy that we are not those people who have the green card and try to murder US citizens. You are right. We don’t have rich parents to support us to buy expensive things. But we are the people who are willing to join the army or navy to fight for  this country. You are right our English might not be as good as you are. However, we are the people who work overseas, so you can have the products like, iPhones, HP laptops, Mercedes-Benz, etc. In this day and age, what we need is the brain and the spirit to work as a team, not the ego or arrogance.



Avon, Natalie. (2011)CNN. Why More American Don’t Travel Abroad.      http://www.cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/02/04/americans.travel.domestically/





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