The Present Tense

As the believer of the Lord, I have to admit that it is rather challenging to understand some of the verses within the Bible. I am certain that’s one of the reasons why people go to churches to understand the transformation from the languages. Maybe some of us are too immature to understand it at once, that’s why the Bible study is rather meaningful for our spiritual renewal as well.

Tonight, as we had the Bible study, we were discussing the attitude we shall hold when life throws obstacles at us. While we went around sharing our feelings and thoughts, one of the church members touched on the topic of ” patience in the time of waiting/ struggle.” similarly, we all know that the Lord did’t promise us that we won’t face ups and downs in life. He never wants to be defeated in during the hardships and tribulation. Instead, Jesus encourages us to be strong and firm in our belief. In the Book of 1 Corinthians, the most familiar chapter is 13 which talks about the issue of love.  The author opens the chapter by saying ” Love is patient, love is kind. etc.” The entire time the author uses the present tense to talk about love.

I was listening to the scriptures and thinking about my own life. it keeps me in perspective that ” love shall be patience.” Jesus has great patience with us, even when we are off the courses.  He knows when exactly we will fall. He knows when we leave him and take actions without asking Him. The point I am trying to make is Jesus demonstrates that ” to love someone truly needs to be constantly patient with his/her weaknesses.” When others make mistakes, stop judging them.  Throw ourselves in the shoes of others before condemning them. I am a big fan of NPR. One of the shows I enjoy listening to is called “wait wait don’t tell me.” It is the show where the guests are invited to answer the quiz while entertaining the listeners. This week, the host mentioned that a woman from US filed a law suit  for divorce. Because she couldn’t stand the way her husband eats peas. Apparently, he eats peas with his hands, instead of using forks. She tried to change his habit for two years and didn’t see any results. Without thinking twice, she decided to leave him for good.

While the audience were laughing, I didn’t. I thought to myself “what kind of reason was that?  Really ?!” Friends, I know it is easier said than done. Love someone is not an easy task. It takes time and patience to know the person in various ways. That’s why there will be fights and struggles we need to deal with. Coming back to the Bible verse, Jesus mentions that ” Love is kind and love is patient, love never fails. ”  Jesus uses the present tense to teach you and me that this principle ought to be used everyday. It is not for the past. Neither is for the future. At the present days, we ought to exercise it all the time. If you are a grammar guru, you know what present tense means. It means happens all the time. It means the thing is happening every moment we live. Don’t misuse the phrase.

Love is kind, love is patient. When you love someone, you know there is a process where disputes will appear over the periods. You understand where people need to give room to each other. If we can’t be ready for this, where shall we give the love to others?


Tonight, I encourage you to tell the people you care that ” you love them.” Set a goal and determination with me that no matter what happens, you don’t be impatient with the people you care. Maybe your husband is not the person who enjoys going to the mall with you, but he could be the person who brings the food on the table for your family. Or maybe your husband is not like Jane’s hubby who always remembers to pick up the clothes on the floor, but your man never forgets your B-day and a gift for you. Even you think your wife is not as slim as the body coach in your gym, but she gave birth to your son and daughter. She raises them with you through 23 years. There is always something you can find to appreciate your spouses, friends, family members. Remember, people God puts in your life for a purpose. He didn’t randomly choose anyone for you.  Jesus chose the right for you to make sure you are the only missing piece of each other.



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