Take A Step Back

” Can we get it done all in once?!”  ” Why do we keep on going back and forth? Let’s get it done and get it over !” Maybe those phrases sound familiar to you. Or probably you have been saying those stuff when you are being frustrated.  These are the moments that we don’t want the time to slow down. We would love to get it done once for all, never think about it any longer! If that’s you, please don’t rush to the end of the story. I would love to share with you some of my thoughts on ” how to sit down and enjoy the journey.”

Have you ever baked a cake or cookies before? You are full of joy and excitement. You make sure you have all the ingredients, the right size of bowl to contain all the materials. Once you toss them in one  after another, you throw the pan into the baking oven. What’s the next step for you? You have to wait. We have to allow the time and oven to bake the cookies after all your work. Because there is nothing you can do and there is indeed nothing you can do. That’s where I learned the principle of “enjoying the journey in the midst of ups and downs.” Similar to the anticipation that we have for making the cookies, we ought to remind ourselves that life is full of surprises and we don’t know what’s going to happen the next minute, the next hour, even the next day. After studying in Graduate school for a while, I gradually understand the principle of  taking a deep breath and keep rolling one step at a time.

Once in a while, we know we might be running out of time. We know we are jammed between here and there. The clock is ticking . We need to be mindful of “to-do list”. However, when all the things are taken care of, we never stop for one minute to enjoy the process. People used to use the cliché to tell me ” life is a journey, not a destination.” But how many of us have the time to TRULY enjoy the journey? We don’t have the time. Or to be precise, we never allow ourselves to have time to “smell the flowers, listen to the bird-chirping.” I remember people used to sit on their Sun porch to enjoy the beauty. Today, that’s considered ” a waste of time.” People would give you the strange look if you pitch the ideas to them.

Friends, today, I would like to motivate you to take one step back. Learn to enjoy what we have in life bit by bit. We rush from spot A to spot B. When we are at Spot B, we tend to think about post C,D.E, etc. Have you ever asked yourself  the question, “when is going to be the end of this?” If we don’t enjoy life right now, when will we be? I know I met people at various locations. The older they get, the more life-lessons they would love to share with you. Among majority of the advice they share with you, one thing always stands out is to “spend more time alone and get ready to live the life!” That means it is okay for us to push the tasks on hold for a day. It is totally acceptable to move the business trip three days later. Even no one will be mad at you if you decide to spend more time with the kids and family members on a Sunday afternoon.

Just this morning, it was my first time to see the snow in Virginia Beach. I knew there were 1000 things I needed to get done today. I had to be somewhere later on. You know what? I decided to shut down my laptop for a while. Instead, I went outside to take some pictures of the beautiful snow. I need to take one step back and enjoy the journey.

Snow Day in Virginia Beach

I am here to encourage you the same. Remember: business can wait, because you will have more ideas later on. Phone calls can wait, because you call them on the way to places all the time. Meetings and tasks can wait, because they won’t happen until you there are. People, won’t be there all the time. We were born, we age, and we are gone. Treasure the ones around you. When they see you smiling and looking straight in their eyes, without words, both of you know ” Love” is greater and wider.

Now, take a deep breath and sit down!

Snow is beautiful here



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