You are so close.

Have you ever been into the situation where you reach your limit while you still need to do more? Or let me ask you this way. Have you ever been encountered into the place where you didn’t think you could make it, but you did it at the end? Yes! I know your answer will be Yes! That’s what I am going to talk about today. It is called ” You are so close to it!”

I woke up this morning and did Insanity as usual. Before putting on the shoes, I was mentally preparing myself for this work-out. It was going to be a killer and I knew I might have problems. Half way through the work-out. I was about to give up. Bu running out of breath, I knew I could “die” on this one. As the volume  of Shaun T’s yelling got louder and louder, I got back up and continued to push myself to make it. There were a lot of negative thoughts running around in my mind, telling to me quit, to stop, to give up. I already reached my limits!” One hour later, I was finished. I was panting and trying to catch my breath. You know what? I felt great. One thing I didn’t realize is I had more power and energy than I thought. The 64 pushes didn’t kill me. Instead, the push-ups made me taller and stronger.

This is only one of the moments where I thought I was done. But I didn’t allow the negative voices to steal my joy and persistence. Friends, whenever we set a goal and plan to work towards the accomplishment, we know the beginning part was hard. Deep down in us, we have the clear understanding we will some “giants” along the way. It was not easy to make it to the end by one step. However, we give up on things easily. We give in without even thinking twice. We never know we are so close to the victory. If we had hung on to it little longer, we would have tasted the victory. Too often, we tend to shrink back when we face obstacles. As life is getting more and more comfortable, we tend to think “trying harder” is unnecessary. Have you ever paused for a moment to think about the big picture? We are not far from the destination. We made 97% of the efforts. 3% more we will be free. However, we give up and didn’t want to go back any longer.

We have to know success does not come easily. The more challenges we face, we better we grow. I like what Joel Osteen often says in his sermon, ” The devil never fight with you, because where you are. The devil always fights with you. Because he knows where you are going.” Come to think of it, when we give up, we are giving the power away to the devils. They can’t wait to see us being sad and gloomy. The devil got what they wanted from us. So, I am here to encourage you today to know you are so close to your success. Don’t lose your power and will, just because it is getting too hard. Think about the moments I was about to give up for Insanity. I would never grow much bigger and stronger, if I had not stuck to the goal.

In the end, I would like to share with you one of my favorite stories. When I mentioned the name ” Diana Nyad” three years ago,  no one probably know who she was. People thought the person might be just one of the lonely creature on earth. Today, Nyad is a famous person. Because at the age of 60, she broke the record by swimming across between Cuba and Florida. She never thought she could make it to the end. In this talk, I am sure you will be inspired by her story.  There was moment where she couldn’t breathe while the mask was on. There was numerous times that people thought she was gonna quit any minutes. No, Diana didn’t. She knew she was so close to the victory and she was about to embrace something she never thought about.

Friends, when you are about to give up next time, please think twice before throwing the towel, because you are so close to your own “celebration!” You are so close.


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