Serve or To be served?

Today is a special day for all of us. It is the day to commemorate one of the greatest heroes in our nation – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I am sure everyone who witnessed the history during the periods have more and more respect for what King did for our nation. Personally, what I learned from Dr. King is the attitude of the servanthood. Too make long story short, Dr. King used his life and stories to demonstrate we ought to maintain the attitude of being a good servant of others. It is easier to think” what shall I get? Why should I bother to make the efforts to help others? ” However, Dr. King once said, ” you don’t need college degree to serve others. You don’t need to know Aristotle or Greek Philosophy to serve others. All you need is the heart.” Today, I strongly encourage everyone to serve one another with the attitude of love and compassion.  We all have various of needs, we all know life is not fair to all of us. Come to think of it, when we are in trouble, there are people who are willing to give us a hand. There are people who are joyous that we are taken care of by their efforts. Why can’t we be the people who make the differences in the life of others?

Last December, I went on a class trip with my classmates and professors to Washington D.C. At the end of the trip, I had the honor to visit the Dr. King Memorial site. That has been one of the many places that I wanted to see since I move to US.  When I stood in front of the statue, I felt different. Deep down in me, there was a small voice talking to me, ” Mengfei. What you are seeing right now is not an accident. You should examine your hearts to follow the trail.” I know that was the Lord who was talking to me. I know He was trying to tell me to increase the volume of helping others.

I have to admit that I might be one of the person who might think about my own needs from time to time. Once in a while, people might need me to give a hand, I agreed but didn’t have the zeal to take the actions. I am being grateful that the Lord is still working in me. He is doing the best to change me, mold me, sharpen me into the better person. In the Bible, Paul talks about the principle of reaping  and sowing. It is the lesson which we are familiar that we harvest exactly what we planted at the beginning.

So, on this day, I strongly encourage everyone to be more “sow-oriented” than “need-oriented.” Let’s do what Dr. King said, to have the passion for serving others. The Lord is watching us and He knows whenever we help others. Stop thinking about “me”. Let’s think about “we”. Dr. King memorial.

Words from the wise


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