Never Lose Zeal

Just two days ago, while I was studying in my room. One of my friends dropped by. After a a few minutes talk, he began to share with me his life-changing story. He mentioned to me about numerous adventures and trips we went on over the breaks.  Out of curiosity, I asked him ” are you happy about your life? I bet you are” After a long pause. He told me that he was planning to leave his wife and start a new life again. I was very shocked by what I heard and started to question him and dig deeper with the story.

As it turned out, my friend was very honest.  The only answer he gave it to me was ” I couldn’t find passion anymore. Our marriage is mundane and we do the same thing over and over again on the daily basis.”  Without even knowing how to explain to him, I have to admit that he is not the only person who suffers the same issue. Life is getting too comfortable and we begin to think ” everything is great and there is no point any longer.” Unfortunately, this is what we tend to think after a while. We know those thoughts will come sometimes in life, however, we never have any anticipation when the thoughts are here.

I am here to tell you a key principle behind this issue.  The answer is we allow ourselves to lose passion and fall into the “boring cycle.” Come to think of it, we go to church to have people praying for us. We attend the Bible study to have the friends caring about us. We always need someone to be the “cane” for us. Have we ever thought about encouraging ourselves when we are emotionally down? Why do we always need someone to comfort us when we are capable to do it on our own? Friends, you and I have the full capability to motivate ourselves when we face obstacles. Just because life is comfortable, that does not give us the reason to lose sight of the righteousness.  When we tell  others about how life is sweet and life is precious, we never know we can say the same thing to ourselves.

When we wake up in the morning, we ought to know that this day is a gift for us. There is no one can take our joy and energy away from us. It is us who can make the decision whether we push through the hardships or give up on the half way. I believe you can do the former one.  Famous US pastor Joel Osteen once said, ” We all have the power to make the choice between persistence and giving up. The person who persist to the end will smile bigger. ” Let’s all smile bigger and better!


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